5 Finest 2018 Cheap Dedicated Server Hosting

We realize, cheap dedicated servers hosting sounds like an oxymoron. The superior floor of the hosting high-rise is generally accessible to high-powered organisations with large demands for bandwidth, data storage, and computing power. Just because you need extra oomph in your hardware, however, doesn’t mean you need to break open the piggy bank.

Dedicated servers are precisely what they sound like: The server’s entire resources are specialized in powering your internet site or application with the utmost functionality, processing power, and storage. The essential investment can pay dividends once you find hosting companies that bring the almost all value to their own dedicated server packages.

Whilst the word “cheap” needs to be taken with a grain of salt here, we’ve compiled the 10 best selections for cheap dedicated hosting plans based on your specific needs and budget.

1. Best Value Dedicated Server
From the very beginning, we have to explain the visible difference between cheap and value hosting. Even though we’ll occasionally cover free hosting services, we usually encourage looking past the price tag and examining the bang for your buck. Typically, spending a couple of extra dollars unlocks a ton of useful features that can streamline your hosting experience and make up a huge difference in site performance and visitor experience.

Our top-notch host might not be the least expensive, but Defend Hosting by providing the utmost functionality, flexibility, and customer service for a price that we’re not sure why it isn’t higher. Whether you’re looking for Windows or Linux servers, four CPU cores or 24, Liquid Web technicians are on standby with always-there Heroic Support and a 100% network uptime guarantee. The premier host even includes perks including built-in backups, enhanced security, DDoS protection, SSD RAID 1 storage, along with the CloudFlare CDN.

2. Cheap Managed Dedicated Server
You’re opting for premium hardware, you will want to opt for premium support? Managed hosting goes beyond 24/7 technical support by configuring software, installing patches and updates, tweaking every aspect of the environment. Managed hosts look after all things infrastructure so you just concentrate on your organization, webpage, or application.

Defend Hosting offers three tiers of managed services, which range from self-managed to fully managed, where technicians run a customer’s hardware and web server and still provide best-effort support for third-party software. Core-managed dedicated server plans cover server infrastructure, hardware, and core components of the LAMP stack, while self-managed plans only cover the hardware and infrastructure.

3. Cheap Unmanaged Dedicated Server
For experienced developers and site administrators, managed hosting services might be an unnecessary added expense. Unmanaged servers take time and technical expertise to maintain, leading many to argue that managed server hosting comes out ahead when your time is factored into the costs.

Most hosts offer not less than some kind of managed services, since hardware is living in its own facilities or datacenters. Whether or not the hosting provider insists on hardware and infrastructure management, they’re usually plenty ready to butt out of your server if you ask nicely. You will have more pressure and demands for you to keep everything running smoothly and securely, but your host will continue offering technical support if you run into a jam.

Defend hosting again strikes a wonderful balance using its unmanaged dedicated servers, giving customers complete control over their hosting environment while not leaving them out in the cold. Defend Hosting allows for full root access and oversight of all server settings, services, and accounts through cPanel and WHM control panels. Besides around-the-clock server monitoring, Defend Hosting welcomes customers to call, chat, or email premium support agents whenever, every day.

4. Cheap Plesk Dedicated Server
Regardless that Plesk is compatible with multiple computer operating systems, it’s typically paired with Windows hosting accounts. Plesk is generally cheaper than cPanel licenses, however the expenses of running Windows make the pair slightly harder to discover. Both the Plesk and cPanel control panels are easy to operate. With familiar, simplistic layouts, site administrators can generally switch between the two platforms with little hassle.

Plesk uses the HTTPS protocol, offering a higher level of security and unbeatable stability. Beyond Windows and Linux compatibility, Plesk supports several languages: English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, and Russian.

That flexibility in supporting customers is mirrored in Liquid Web’s dedicated server plans. In addition to eight single- and dual-core processor configurations, the company’s Solutions Architects work with customers to design a custom environment tailored to their website or application’s needs. Liquid Web offers Plesk in the fully managed Windows dedicated servers.

5. Cheapest Dedicated Server with Unrestricted Bandwidth
Even though many of our favorite shared hosting providers tout unlimited bandwidth or data transfers for free, the feature is surprisingly hard to find at the dedicated server level. Unlimited anything in the hosting world is a bit of an illusion, given that hardware can only process and store so much data.

While many hosts offer between 5TB and 15TB of bandwidth, that is plenty sufficient for some customers, HostGator scales its dedicated plan all the way to 25TB of data transferred between your site, visitors, and the internet. A2 Hosting offers unlimited storage and bandwidth on what this company calls a semi-dedicated server, which can be basically a souped-up and much more expensive shared plan for those who need more resources but aren’t quite ready to take the leap to dedicated servers.

One of the few hosting providers that build dedicated server plans on unlimited traffic promises, 1&1 touts affordable server configurations that won’t restrict or throttle bandwidth for popular websites. Regardless of the amount of data used by or downloaded from your dedicated server, 1&1 guarantees up to 1Gbit-per-second speed on all traffic.

Author: Tim Mason

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